Troubleshooting no sound in Skype calls

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Sometimes, you want to make a call on Skype but cannot turn on the audio. Do you know what is wrong with the audio system during a call or video call on Skype and how to fix the problem?

Here you are the way to troubleshooting no sound in Skype calls:

Step 1: On Skype menu bar, choose Tools-> Options.

Step 2: On the Options section choose Audio Settings. You could check Microphone and Speakers. It is likely that these parts have been muted, you could adjust it by turning the adjustment bar to the right side.

Troubleshooting no sound in skype calls

After increasing the volume, choose SAVE, and make a call to test your audio quality. You could also restart your computer to make sure. However, the fault is likely that the user might unintentionally mute Skype sound and forgot to turn on it again.