Skype camera not working windows 10

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Solution for webcam problem not working in windows 10, please check in the order of the steps below:

1. Check versions of skype.

Make sure that you and the person you’re calling are using the latest version of Skype because we're always improving call quality. Download Skype the latest version to call best performance.

2. Check your internet connection.

If your internet connection causing the problem in case the video freezes, looks block-like or has motion blur. Or Skype detects a weak connection, it will reduce the quality to try and stop the call from dropping altogether. Please follow the steps below:

- Computer: The first, plug your Ethernet cable directly into your modem or router then if you're using Wi-Fi, try moving closer to the router.

- Mobile: Check the result against the download and upload speeds required for Skype by use a speed test app to check the performance of your mobile connection.

Skype camera not working windows 10

3. Check your webcam.

Check that camera is installed, plugged in to your computer, and turned on? Try plugging it into a different USB port, if you’re using an external camera and you’re having problems with video. Try plugging it directly into your computer, if you’re using a USB hub.