How to remove someone from your contacts on Skype

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Skype allows you to remove or delete people from your contact list.

After a contact removal is done, that Skype user will disappear from your Contacts, forever (or until you add them back).

  1. How to remove someone from your Contacts

-          Find the person you want to remove, right click their name and select Remove from Contacts.

-          Remove from Contacts: After you remove a contact, that person will no longer see your online status (online, away, offline, busy,…etc)

-          A window appears to ask for your final confirmation, click Remove to proceed.

Remove someone from your contacts

  1. Block a contact in Skype

Aside from completely remove a contact, Skype also allows you to block someone from contacting you. Instead of choosing Remove from Contacts, select Block This Person. Skype will delete the person from your contact list, blocked contacts are not able to message or send you contact request.

  1. Unblock a contact in Skype

If you ever want to unblock a contact, here is how to:

On the toolbar, select Tools->Options->Privacy> Blocked contacts.

In the list of Blocked people, select the contact(s) you want to unblock and click Unbock this person. After you’re done, click Save to save your changes.