Logging out Skype remotely, and Skype logout from other devices.

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Sometimes, you logged in your Skype account via a public computer or other’s devices but forgot to sign out it. How could you log out your account on that device remotely? The article below will instruct you how to deal with the problem with several steps.

Step 1: Log in your Skype account.

Step 2: Open a new conversation, put the command /showplaces and send the message.

Skype remote logout

Skype will feedback that you are logging in Skype on multiple devices, and it also provides you the name of the devices you left your Skype account open. If there are at least 2 devices with your account open, you could do remote logout with the step 3.

Step 3: Enter the command /remotelogout in any Skype conversation and send out the message. With this command, any of your sessions should be shut down on other devices.

Skype remote log out

Finally, you have completed remote Skype logout without worrying for losing any private information or data for leaving your account open on other devices.

However, the fact that your Skype account is currently appearing on the other’s computer could have some potential risks of losing your account. Thus, it is better that you should be more careful on using Skype.