How to install Skype on your computer

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Skype is an application that helps you communicate easily at work or in your daily life. Some major features include: voice call, group call, video call, instant message, files and documents exchange…

To start using Skype, first you must download the application to your computer and install it.

You can download Skype here. After downloading, follow the steps below to install it on your computer.

Step 1: Open the folder containing the downloaded Skype setup file. Right click the file and choose Run as administrator. The Installer appears as below.


Step 2: Select your language. Check More Options to choose where Skype should be installed. Check Create desktop icon if you want to have a Skype shortcut on your desktop.

Step 3: Next window shows up with 2 options:

  • Make Bing my search engine: make Bing your default search engine.
  • Make MSN my homepage: make MSN website as your default homepage for your current web browser.

If not, leave the 2 options unchecked and click Continue to proceed.


Step 4: Skype is now being installed on your computer. It should take a few seconds. After the installation is done, Skype shows up with the window as below.


You have installed Skype on your computer. If you don’t have a Skype account, check out HOW TO CREATE A SKYPE ACCOUNT FOR NEW USERS.