How to create a Skype account on a mobile device

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In order to have free chat with Skype, you need to establish a new account. To create an account on phone, you only have to follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: After finishing Skype installation on your phone, you could start to register a new account with your phone.

Step 2: There are two options for you:

  • Open an account using your mobile phone number.
  • Open an account using your email ID.

These two steps are similar, and in this article, we will instruct you to make an account using your phone number.

How to create a skype account on a mobile device


Step 3: Enter your phone number and create a password for your account, choose NEXT.

Step 4: A confirmation code will be messaged to your phone, you need to enter the code to continue.

Step 5: Next, Skype will demand the right to access your contact, Micro, and Camera.

- With the option allowing Skype accessing your contact, Skype will automatically find and filter skype users on your contact list and suggest you to add friends.
- As for Micro or Camera option, you could make a video call. You could choose to agree or not.

Finally, you have completed creating an account on phone. Since then, you could be free to chat, converse or make a work discussion via Skype.