How to create a Skype account for new users

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To join Skype’s free call and instant message service, you need an account. Follow these simple steps to create a new Skype account:

Step 1:

After downloading and installing Skype successfully, open the application and select: “Create an account

create a Skype account

Step 2:

The Skype registration window appears, enter your information to create a new account.

-          First name: Type in your first name

-          Last name:Type in your last name

-          Microsoft account name: Enter your email address (Caution:Be accurateas Skype will send your verification code to this email address)

-          Create password:At least 8 characters, including both numbers and letters.

-          Reenter password: Retype your password.

create a Skype account

Next, fill in some personal details

-          Country/region: your country where you live and work

-          ZIP code: your country’s or city’s ZIP code. You can use Google to find out.

-          Birthdate: Enter your birthdate

-          Gender: Select your gender

-          Phone number:Enter your phone number, it will help you find your friends who also use Skype.

create a Skype account

Last step, Enter the characters you see và click Create Account to finish your registration.

create a Skype account

Send me promotional offers from Microsoft. You can unsubscribe at any time: Check this option if you agree to let Skype send you emails for promtional offers, leave it unchecked if you don’t want to be bothered.

You have finished creating a Skype account. You can also change your personal information, choose a photo as your profile picture and update your status.

create a Skype account

Another way to quickly create a Skype account is through your Facebook. Find out how to in the next article.