How to change the default ringtone in skype

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There is a noticing sound as default when you receive a new message, a new call or new event, etc… How could you change the Skype ring tone on pc, android, on iPhone, iPad, mac, into one of your favorite songs or music sets or even mute the sound?

1. Setting your custom ring tone in Skype

To set a new custom ring tone in Skype, let’s follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in your Skype account.

Step 2: On the opened interface, click on Tools -> Options -> Sounds.

Step 3: At the Sounds option, move to Select which events play a sound, and click to select desired event to be assigned with new ring tone. From the drop list Choose which sound to play, take one option for your custom ring tone of that event.

Alternatively, you could download your favorite song for your new ring tone:  choose Import Sounds buttons, finding for audio file from your computer and choose Open to upload the audio box. Finally, click Save.

2. How to mute the ringing sound in Skype

Sometimes you cannot focus on your own job or fully enjoy your favorite song because of the ringing sound for notifications of new Skype messages. In order to mute the ringing sound in Skype, one the section of Sounds options, click on Mute all sounds -> Save to save all the changes.