How to block or disable banner ads in Skype on windows 10

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Sometimes there are some Skype ads appearing in the middle of your screen, making you annoyed. How you could block these Skype ads on Windows 10 or disable them?

To block or disable Skype ads on windows 10, you could follow these below steps:

Step 1: Right click on the symbol of Internet connection on your computer, click on Open Network and Sharing Center -> Internet Options. Alternatively, head to Start Menu, and type Internet Options.

Step 2: Click to series of options, as followed: Internet Options -> Security -> Restricted sites -> Sites.

How to block or disable banner ads in skype on windows 10

Step 3: Fill in into the text box besides Add this website to the zone. (This is the address of Skype app that will be chosen to block the Skype adds).

Next, click on Add to add Skype into the restricted web and app lists. Choose Close to close the demand box.

Finally, you have managed to block Skype ads on windows 10. For windows 7 and 8, you could also do the similar procedure.