How to backup and restore Skype contacts

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Contact backup in Skype is necessary for the backup file is best to recover your Skype contact list when it is lost incidentally.

1. How to backup Skype contacts

- Log in Skype on the computer as normal. Choose Contacts -> Advanced -> Backup Contacts to File.

- Choose the folder to save the file and then click on Save.

Thus, you could complete your backup of Skype contacts with only 2 simple steps.

 How to backup and restore Skype contacts2. How to restore your Skype contacts

To restore your Skype contact, you need to choose Contacts -> Advanced -> Restore Contacts from File. A new window will appear leading you to find the backup file, and click on that folder.

You have completed restoring your Skype contacts easily, and since now, you no need to worry for losing your contacts anymore.