Formatting text in Skype: How to make text bold, italic or strikethrough

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To make your Skype chat room livelier, or emphasize on the conversation topics, you could change the formatting of the text, such as bold, italic, or strikethrough.

1. How to have bold texts on Skype

In order to have a bold sentence when chatting on skype, you only need to add asterisks * at the beginning and ending part of that sentence.

ex: *How to have bold Skype messages*

2. How to have italic texts on Skype

To italicize a sentence when chatting on Skype, you only have to put underscore (_) encasing your message.

ex: _How to have Italic Skype messages_

3. How to have a strikethrough message on Skype

To create a strikethrough message, let’s put tildes ~ around your message.

 ex: ~How to have a strikethrough message on Skype~