Beware Skype ! Account password change

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Problem account password change Skype, there has been changes to Skype Accounts that, if you forget your password, will change your Microsoft Account password and it is irreversible. Once linked, it cannot be unlinked.

I had a my Skype password in the AgileKeychain but saved a new password in Teams which was inaccessible as long as versions of 1Password prior to 1Password 6 were active. Luckily, I was able to rectify the problem by cancelling the password recovery.

Also, because of the double screen bug in the extension's Brain, I somehow missaved my Skype login.

Beware Skype ! Account password change

Another issue now is that all my previously saved Skype passwords cannot be seen by the Safari Extension even though they are working. Skype by default redirects to Microsoft SSO.

If I save a new Skype login, gets ignored. Usually, unseen logins can be found by searching but not in this example.