Skype login problem

Creating log files on Skype for Mac

Download and install the Skype First Aid Tool. By choosing to download and run this tool you are ...

Apr, 26 2017
Beware Skype ! Account password change

Problem account password change skype, there has been changes to Skype Accounts that, if you forg...

Apr, 18 2017
Change my skype login name

I want to change the skype login name, but I can not do it?

Apr, 14 2017
How to delete chat history on skype

How to delete chat history on skype. You just follow the steps below:

Apr, 11 2017
Can't send any image file on skype

I can't see images on skype whenever someone sends them in message or i try to send them

Apr, 10 2017
Update your Skype's profile details

After signing in to Skype, if you want to change your profile’s information (name, age, birthda...

Apr, 4 2017
Remove someone from your contacts on Skype

Skype allows you to remove or delete people from your contact list.

Apr, 4 2017
Create a Group chat and group call in skype

To make a group call in Skype, the first thing to do is know how to create a group in the applica...

Apr, 4 2017
How to login to Skype

To log in to Skype, you need to have a Skype account. You can also log in using a Facebook or Mic...

Apr, 4 2017
How to create a Skype account with Facebook

Skype registration is quick when you already have a Facebook account or Microsoft account. You ca...

Apr, 4 2017