Skype login problem

Block searching of Skype account with a phone number

Skype users could prevent anyone from searching them out using their phone numbers that they used...

Aug, 5 2017
How to fix your Skype login problems

You have trouble logging in Skype even though you could in the previous time. This article will h...

Aug, 1 2017
 How to backup and restore Skype contacts

Contact backup in Skype is necessary for the backup file is best to recover your Skype contact li...

Jul, 26 2017
Logging out Skype remotely, and Skype logout from other devices.

How could you log out your account on that device remotely? The article below will instruct you h...

Jul, 25 2017
How to use Skype for Web

In order to use Skype on a web browser, go to this link: On the web browser, let’s d...

Jul, 18 2017
Skype camera not working windows 10

Solution for webcam problem not working in windows 10, please check in the order of the steps below:

Jun, 2 2017
How to Skype call forwarding

You can follow steps below to set up call forwarding on Skype to voice messaging, a landline or m...

May, 23 2017
How to secure your Skype and Microsoft account immediately

The Skype accounts getting hacked so easily beacuse hackers were able to log in using an old Skyp...

May, 17 2017
How to run ads on Skype

To run ads with Skype there are now four ways:

May, 15 2017
How do I record a call on skype?

The Skype application does not support call recording, but you can still record calls on Skype th...

May, 12 2017
Error installing Skype on Vista

If you install Skype on vista error, there are 3 steps to repair installing Skype error.

May, 11 2017
How to installing Skype to HP TouchPad

To install Skype for HP TouchPad, you do following steps below:

May, 11 2017
How to change my Skype login name

I want to change the Skype login name, but I cannot do it?

Apr, 14 2017
Can't send any image file on skype

I can't see images on skype whenever someone sends them in message or i try to send them

Apr, 10 2017
How to update your Skype's profile details

After signing in to Skype, if you want to change your profile’s information (name, age, birthda...

Apr, 4 2017
How to create a group chat and group call in Skype

To make a group call in Skype, the first thing to do is know how to create a group in the applica...

Apr, 4 2017
How to login to Skype account

To log in to Skype, you need to have a Skype account. You can also log in using a Facebook or Mic...

Apr, 4 2017
How to sign up for Skype account

There are 2 easy ways for new users to sign up for a Skype account: with a Facebook, Microsoft ac...

Apr, 4 2017
How to create a Skype account with Facebook account

Skype registration is quick when you already have a Facebook account or Microsoft account. You ca...

Apr, 4 2017
How to create a Skype account for new users

To join Skype’s free call and instant message service, you need an account. Follow these simple...

Apr, 4 2017